After using this product it just confirmed my new found love for anything Befine. I love the Befine brand because while the products are very good quality they aren't super expensive. For a working mom like me that is a definite plus! I applied this product on a clean face right before bedtime. When I woke up in the morning my skin felt soft and smooth. In addition, it did appear to lessen the appearance of the very fine lines that I have under my eyes. Overall, once again I was very pleased with another Befine product....

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http://honeydosreviews. blogspot.com/2012/05/product- review-befine-night-cream.html

http://honeydosreviews. blogspot.com/2012/04/product- review-befine-skincare- sampler.html.

......Morrisa Vollmerhausen

"I love the Exfoliating Cleanser!! It is the best hands down. I've tried many department brands, but they don't compare to Befine ..... Maria.”

"I love your Warming clay mask with cardamom, arnica and pomegranate... i use it with a facial steamer and it actually makes a real difference!.... Jordan.”

"Got my Birch Box today and am blow away by your products!!!! Love!!!” -Deanna "The Befine skin care products are the best thing on earth. It's the only thing that dosen't break out my face when I use it. I love it!.... Tabitha.”

"I've tried just about every moisturizer known to man, including the ridiculously expensive ones. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, works as well as your night cream. I have uber-sensitive skin and yours is the gold standard - Thanks!.....Lisa.”

"I love the Be Fine line! I have very sensitive skin and natural products agree with me best. The way the ingredients are married are marvelous......Adele.”

"My sister works for ECRM, the company that puts on beauty trade shows. She gave me some of your samples(night scream, toner, scrub and lip serum). I LOVE THEM! The same day I recieved very expensive Chanel samples and guess what I find myself using everynight? BE.FINE!!!....Victoria.”