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Ethis was good fun.t (10/1/2015)
Ethis was good fun.the silverware seevle pages turned out great. i have a question: when you say 'scan' - are you scanning the finished piece into your computer, or are you 'scanning' a photograph of the piece into your computer?the images are always very clear.

Zion - xfaW4ZtS
Most of what you say (10/1/2015)
Most of what you say is supprisingly accature and it makes me wonder why I hadn't look at this in this light before. This piece really did turn the light on for me as far as how to enhance my site. Well done. By the way, come visit my site you have the address but please don't make it public. you also have my email, me a line and let see if we can link our sites for shared and better traffic and also for promotions. c ya Elizabeth.

Dev - tP1FdBsL
Great for Sensitive Skin! (9/26/2014)
I this moisturizer in my Ipsy Glambag and I must say it's amazing! I have very sensitive skin mixed with dryness and other facial moisturizers either irritate my skin or make it too oily. But this little baby is amazing and it feels fresh, clean and it doesn't clog pores or irritate my skin! I'm wear it underneath my mineral make up and it's amaziiinnnggg!!!

Aurora - Texas
A Must Have (9/24/2014)
This moisturizer came to me in my Ipsy bag. I have fallen in love with it and I am running out! I plan on ordering three. One for my mom and best friend. Trust me it is amazing. Everything it claims to do it does! Also wears nicely under make up. No need for a primer. One thing I would recommend is to start off with a thin layer. Not all girls like a lot of cream on their faces.

Gabriela - Oregon
Amazing! (5/5/2012)
I discover through Birchbox..i finally found my holy grail moisturizer. I have suffer for months of dry and flaky skin around my mouth, but after trying this in one week i got back to normal. My skin look so bright and healthy and i love the is 100 percent natural. I will be getting the whole line.

Margarita - Washington DC