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This is the one! (8/24/2016)
I got a sample of this product in a beauty subscription. I immediately tried it that night. First of all, wow! I have never had a product be so hydrating...ever! I woke up the next day and my face still felt hydrated. I applied my makeup and it still felt like it was there. I don't usually buy something I've sampled, but this is definitely on my shopping list for good.

Esmeralda - California
Shockingly hydrating (11/1/2015)
This night cream is a star on its own. Most night creams are thick in consistency, sits on your skin, and it's hydration doesn't quench your skins thirst for long. But BeFine's night cream is really special. I only wanted the natural properties of this product, but was pleasantly surprise that this product came a long way in hydrating. It has a thin consistency but works hard to actually soaks right to the skin, giving you the hydration you need all night long. Because of that, It can be used as a stand alone cream which I love to use on the nights when I'm too tired and lazy to layer my nightly skincare.

Tanbeauty - Minnesota
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Gamze - Bt8ARRh42s
I love Maya Road's v (10/9/2015)
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Jeanneth - zilIzGChN
Hi KimThanks for you (10/8/2015)
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Novie - qllwWrkLI4p1
Morning Elizabeth, y (10/1/2015)
Morning Elizabeth, you might be busy with ATCs for the celebrations but you're not rellay giving much away ... will just have to wait and see. And I'm now feeling as guilty as Shaz above ... not done much at all so I better get a wriggle on if I'm going to join in the fun. Love the rocking-horse of course - it is a beauty. Hope Bleubeard is well. Have a great day, Elizabeth x # 36

Farah - yauiFUT7Ow
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I'm impressed. You've really risaed the bar with that.

Boris - ecQAHhMgNaEKPYWlmx
WpWhabKvfvouRDrRXUO (7/29/2012)
Alakazaam-information found, problem solved, tanhks!

Paulina - PSyCjNlDEirqaDtIO